Richard & Connie Brooks
4773 E Farm Rd 48
Fair Grove, MO 65648
417.840.5464 (c)

Welcome to the MNP Farm located in Southwest Missouri. The cattle are the results of 27 years of breeding American Blue Cattle and are pleased you chose to browse. MNP would like for you to view our breeding program and will be please to assist you with the breed. From 2014 to present we have chosen to use AI bulls but mainly bulls raised by MNP for this calving season. MNP strives for cattle best suited here in North America and feels this will be successful for our market. The Blues have been a nice twist to the MNP cattle production. MNP has bred and raised the percentage cattle which have evolved from the halfblood up to the purebred and fullblood genetics. The farm hopes our genetics will be successful for the breed. We have been fortunate with the cattle. MNP strives for quality not quantity as this an operation that is of moderate size enough to work but small enough to manage. As we have stated, the crossbreeding program is where the Blues shine in the scope of the cattle market along with the healthy assets of the beef. We all are aware that lean beef and purchasing local are the healthiest choice for our families and knowing the origin of our food. Most recipes are calling for lean beef so the Blues will fill the ticket. According to a stat seen on RFDTV, 65% of what consumers buy is lean. So we are on the correct path. MNP started in the Blues due to being raised in an athletic family and being conscious of healthy food choices. These are truly cattle for the 21st Century. Plus - we are all looking for ways to increase our "production pounds of meat" to our herd. As breeders, we are interested in producing meat not just producing the outer cover -- we are in the lean meat business for your family. If we can help add some Blue in your crossbreeding program please consider what a Blue can do – we would entertain any questions. We strive to bring functional hybrid animals. We believe in genetics to produce animals with vigor and functionality. Over the years, MNP has been very impressed with the crossing ability of the Blues with other breeds and we hope you will be too! Watch the calves grow and compare!

Take a look and if you have any questions, ideas or comments please send an email or call, even better yet come by. Please come visit and view the cattle! Might be good to call ahead -- but please come see for yourself! Also, please follow MNP Farm on Facebook for cattle and horses.

We continue with Brooks' Performance Quarter Horses. We are pleased with the foals of Lena's Playing Jazcat. He is now a five year old and the first foals are now ready for performance. The foals are showing good minds and athletic abilities. Jazzy is available for the 2017 breeding season by cooled semen. So please feel free to contact us on breeding fees. We hope to continue to strive for cow-working colts in the next few years. Please watch and grow with us.

Thank you for taking your time to visit our site. We appreciate your interest in the cattle and the horses. We always look forward to new calves, meeting new Blue friends, new colts and meeting new horse friends. Again, we would like to "Thank" those who have purchased our cattle from coast to coast and those who might just like to look. If nothing else, our hopes are the site will help educate you on American Blues cattle and how the Blues can benefit your family with healthy lean beef as well as be an asset to the commercial industry. Also, our goal is that you will enjoy the horses in the future. All are welcome to call, email, or come by!

The Very Best Wishes for you, your family, and of course your cattle and horses in 2017!!!

Kind Regards and Best Wishes for 2017,